Level One Technician


Our standards go far beyond the expectations of most individuals, as a service centre we pride ourselves in safety and providing our customers with a service they cannot forget. This may be through educating our customers on what the appropriate use or care of their equipment is. To explaining their annual service and why their equipment performs in such a way. How we combat this and how to stay safe.

To provide such a service, our service technicians are required to understand they are working on precious life support gear and there is more involved whilst working on equipment.

This course is designed for scuba staff who want to become a service technician for life support systems. Mainly scuba related it gives individuals the knowledge , skills and ability to prepare, understand, troubleshoot independently.


Duration :8-10 days

Course topics

  • Workplace safety
  • Qualification Structure
  • Insurance
  • principles of a regulator
  • gauges & bc jackets
  • cylinder valves
  • workshop requirements
  • servicing reports
  • pretesting and inspections
  • disassembly techniques and more

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