Air-fill Panel Operator

Air fill panel operator course is aimed for all individuals that work with cylinders, be it S.C.U.B.A or S.C.B.A. Developed to educate scuba stuff on the importance of safety, safety precaution, policies and procedures when filling air cylinders of all shapes and sizes. It explains the differences in types of gases and their potentials to be hazardous in the workforce.

Air-fill panel Operator is a perquisite for TQS TECHNICIAN LEVEL ONE

Course details

Duration: 1 day

all safety equipment and training guides will be provided.

We will cover:

  • safety and standards
  • gases for diving
  • air quality
  • filling equipment
  • air filling procedures
  • practical training
  • filling & review

*please note this course is for air filling and not blending mix gases.

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