Time to get going with your Open Water Diver qualification!

Enrol in the world renowned SDI Open Water Diver course to explore the underwater world - with just a few simple steps you can begin your dive adventure and open the door to a lifetime's passion.

The training develops base knowledge and dive skills, and you get to enjoy five pool/confined water dives and four dives in an actual diving environment.

As a Certified SDI Open Water Diver you'll have the freedom to dive with a buddy independent of a professional.

Explore the other 70% of the planet...

The Fun Part

The FUN part about your entry into the underwater world is the chance to see marine life up close and personal, who knows you might make a new friend.


This Course runs over 2 weekends and includes:
  • Open Water Diver Course Materials
  • SDI Open Water Diver Certificate Card
  • Free gear rental and pool hire
  • Boat dive

We can help with equipment and advice in our well stocked shop.

You must own your own; mask, snorkel, fins & boots. We recommend that you also consider purchasing hood & gloves.

Start your Open water course Today!

E-learning is the online version to the theory sessions of your SDI open water course. Start right now in the comfort of your home in a time that suits your life style.

When you have completed the theory side, we will start your inwater training and within 2 weekends you will have your most sought after SDI open water qualification.

A qualification that is recognized all over the world!

You can also look at doing your Advanced Open Water course along with the Open Water Course or at any time in the future.

Diving Medicals

On the first day of your course you will be asked to sign various forms. One of these forms will be an RSTC Medical Statement. It is important that you understand how this form works.

Click here for a copy of the form

Once you have read and understand the form, you must determine the following:

If you tick YES to ANY of the medical questions asked on the Medical Statement, you must provide your instructor with a Diving Medical from a Diving Physician, which must be valid within 12 months of the examination, and it must state that you are ‘Fit to Scuba Dive’. We will also provide a list of diving doctors in the Melbourne area.

If you tick NO to ALL the medical questions asked on the Medical Statement, you do not require a Diving Medical to complete your Open Water Diver Course with All About Scuba.

Even though you may not require a diving medical, it is nevertheless strongly recommended. Further, a diving medical may uncover conditions or issues you may not be aware of, for example ear, nose and throat, or lung function issues, and which could expose you to the risk of serious injury or death while diving.

Australian Standard AS 4005.1 and SPUMS (South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society) both recommend that a diving medical be completed prior to commencing any Open Water Diver Course training.

PLEASE BE AWARE: If you arrive at All About Scuba on the first day of your course and do not have a Diving Medical and have ticked YES to any of the conditions stated on the RSTC Medical Statement, we will not be able to take you diving.

Price: $999.00*


*Weekend Rate

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