Shore Dive Schedule

Day Dives Please arrive by 8.30am unless otherwise stated.

Night Dives please arrive by 6.30pm unless otherwise stated.


From the 1st of January 2017 all divers and snorkelers are welcome to join us at our advertized location.

Provided each induvidual has renewed his or her membership and filled in the assosiated forms.

Membership options are:

Membership only: 1 tank membership $129, 2 Tank $219 or 4 Tanks $399.


We are not able to sign up induviduals at the dive site, it must be done prior

 With Summer now upon us more night dives will be scheduled. Additional night dives will be advertised on our Facebook Page



Locations are only suggested sites and may be changed prior due to weather conditions.

Dives are scheduled by All About Scuba but not led.

You must be a registered member of All About Scuba. To arrange your membership contact the shop on 9939 4913.

For details on a particular dive and to register for a dive contact the shop on (03) 9939 4913

Dive Master services can be arranged upon request, and are charged accordingly.

Hire gear is available for discounted rates but must be organized prior.

Please be aware that you are responsible for supplying your own dive gear and it is a requirement that it be in a serviceable condition.